OFIS 2.0 – Portable – Oil Film Thickness measured easy, fast and objective

The OFIS 2.0-Portable is our handheld device for mobile oil film measurement of the newest generation. With OFIS 2.0 the oil layer on metallic surfaces can be inspected within a few seconds. Time consuming gravimetric or chemical analysis becomes dispensable. The Portable reduces your costs and optimizes your product performance. In shortest time you will learn to handle OFIS 2.0, a tool designed for a rough industrial environment. OFIS 2.0 measures oil films and hot melts in the range of 0,1 – 5 g/m² (10 – 500 mg/ft²).

The tool is already calibrated for common used steel grades like cold rolled, galvanized, hot zinc or phosphated (others can be added). After selecting the steel grade and setting the OFIS 2.0 on the probe, the measurement will be started by a push button. No reference measurement is needed. Within less than 1 second the oil film thickness in g/m² or in mg/ft² is indicated on the display.

Besides single also series measurements with average function are provided by the OFIS 2.0. The individual results and the average values can be stored together with the coil number for later evaluations on a PC.

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The OFIS 2.0 technology takes advantage of Lambert-Beer’s light absorption law. It states that the thickness of an oil film is directly proportional to the extinction of light. The oiled strip is illuminated with a special developed light source. On its path the light penetrates the oil film and is reflected from the surface. The reflected light is accumulated in an optic unit. A small number of characteristic wavelengths are separated and examined by a PbSe detector, which is cooled and stabilized to ensure a low-noise and drift-free measurement.

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